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Industry Leading Covid Protocols

At Griffin Business Centre we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our building is healthy and safe. Here are just a few of the ways that Griffin Business Centre is working to provide the safest working environment possible.


  • UV Sanitation system throughout our facility kills 99.99% of air born germs. To see a video about our UV sterilizer system click¬†here
  • Plexi-glass barriers installed for reception desk and meeting rooms
  • Hand sanitizer stations available at all entry doors, meeting rooms, and Gym
  • Disposable masks available for visitors
  • Concierge and staff put masks on when assisting tenants or visitors to our building
  • All frequently touched areas frequently disinfected
  • Disinfecting wipes and sprays available in all common areas
  • Meeting rooms disinfected between bookings
  • Packages disinfected before distribution
  • Nespresso coffee machine used instead of communal coffee pot
  • Disposable cups, plates and cutlery available for use
  • Gym usage limited to one person at any time, reservations can be made through online tenant portal

The difference is clear the moment you or your clients enter Griffin business centre. Contact us today to learn more about our office rental solutions.

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