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Getting Out of the House: 5 Reasons Your Office Should Be In A Business Center

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Working from home sounds wonderful at first. No need to commute! Getting to work is as simple as rolling out of bed and staggering over to your computer. Changing out of your pajamas? Who wants that? Oh and let’s not forget all the money you’ll save. As the novelty wears off, however, you may discover that working from home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Here are five reasons why getting out of the house makes good business sense.

1. Leaving work at the office

A fully furnished executive office at Griffin Business Centre located in the heart of North Vancouver is only minutes from anywhere on the North Shore. You get the benefit of the physical separation of your work / living space without the grind of the daily commute. Need to drop by the office on the weekend or pop home during the work day? Done!

2. A Professional Environment

The right working environment is critical and at Griffin Business Centre we’ve gone to great lengths to create a professional working environment for you and your clients. Our professional, attentive and intelligent reception team make a great first impression whether greeting your client in person or answering your phone line – the way you want it answered.

3. Access to advanced technology

Let’s face it: you can’t afford that top of the line copy machine, and spending half the day at your local office store doesn’t appeal. Dodge the lines and access the machines you need, when you need them. From state of the art networked printers to the highest speed fibre optic internet and wireless access.

4. Meeting room access

You may not need a boardroom often. When you do need one, however, there’s nothing like knowing you can schedule access to a meeting room with all the multimedia equipment you need to make your meeting a success. The ready availability of conference rooms will also give your ability to meet with clients a boost.

5. Affordability

An office rental at Griffin Business Centre makes economic sense. Better environment equals higher motivation and productivity. Leaving all aspects of running your office to our staff leaves you free from distractions and allows you to focus on what you do best. A fully furnished office starts at just $700.00 a month.

For many professionals shifting away from a home office, a business center represents the best of all worlds. It offers privacy. It gets you out of the house and away from all of the at-home responsibilities that can be a drain on focus and productivity and places you in an environment with like minded entrepreneurs. Even better, it offers a number of amenities that may not be available in a smaller office: conference rooms, meeting rooms, advanced technology, and a host of others. If that sounds like the ideal solution for you and you’re looking for office space in North Vancouver, contact us! Whether you’re looking for temporary office space or an executive office to suit your needs for years, we’ll work with you to find the space you need.

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